7 Most Popular Programs University of Maryland Global Campus


Are you looking to take the next step in your education, but want the freedom and flexibility that comes with taking classes online? Then look no further than the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC)! UMGC offers over 90 programs for students at all educational levels. With a focus on convenient, affordable tuition, learning happened anywhere and any time style – it’s easy to see why UMGC is so popular among online learners. Here we’ll share some of their most popular programs plus what makes them stand out from other schools offering similar coursework. So read on to learn more about seven top-rated educational programs currently available at UMGC!

Business Administration:

UMGC’s business administration program is one of their most popular choices, as it gives students the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills in areas like marketing, finance, operations management and more. The curriculum includes courses such as Introduction to Business Essentials, Global Management Perspectives and Entrepreneurial Thinking. Plus, students can choose between an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree – so you’re sure to find the right fit for your educational goals. 

Computer Science: 

As technology advances across all industries, having a background in computer science has become increasingly important for job seekers. With UMGC’s Computer Science Program, students can earn either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree related to software development and programming. Classes include topics like Introduction to Computer Science, Principles of Programming Languages and Operating Systems Security.


With the demand for cybersecurity professionals steadily increasing, it’s no surprise that UMGC offers several different programs in this field. Students can pursue a specialized degree in Cyber Security & Information Assurance or take classes related to Networking, Cloud Computing, and Ethical Hacking. 


For students interested in pursuing a career in the sciences, UMGC offers an Associate’s Degree program with a focus on Biology. The curriculum requires courses such as Cell Structure & Function, Ecology and Genetics – giving students the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen field. 

Nursing: Whether you’re looking to become a Registered Nurse or advance your current nursing career, UMGC has you covered. Their Nursing program is accredited by the Maryland Board of Nursing and includes courses such as Pathophysiology for Nurses, Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare and Clinical Pharmacology. 

Health Care Management: 

If you’re looking to make a career in health care but don’t want to pursue traditional medical studies like nursing, then consider UMGC’s Health Care Management program instead. This degree focuses on the business aspects of health care and requires classes like Human Resources & Health Care Administration, Financial Management in Health Care Organizations and Managing Quality Improvement Projects.


Lastly, students can choose UMGC’s Psychology Program if they wish to study the human mind and behavior. This program allows learners to pursue an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree related to Psychology and includes classes such as Cognitive & Biological Bases of Behavior, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. 

No matter which program you choose, UMGC offers rigorous coursework that will help you succeed in any field! With their flexible learning format, convenient online courses and affordable tuition rates – it’s no wonder why so many students are choosing the University of Maryland Global Campus. So if you’re looking for a top-rated education with a great return on investment – look no further than UMGC!