Best CPM Ad Network Traffic Stars Honest Review 2022


Traffic Stars Ad Network Review In 2022

hi friends are you searching for trusted and high CPM ad network if so then i will share with you a best ad network called traffic stars. traffic stars ad network are working since  from 2014 and now in 2022 traffic stars ad network have 4 billions plus daily impressions this article is about traffic stars ad network i will share my experience with you i will share with that how much CPM traffic stars ad network are giving to me what is the minimum payout how to get approval from traffic stars ad network etc.

Best CPM Ad Network Traffic Stars Honest Review 2022



Traffic Stars Ad Network Honest Review In 2022 

friends ma traffic stars ad network ko 2021 sa use kar raha ho ase ma ap ko 2 type ke ads milte hai ak adult type and second type hai mainstream jase sa hum sab normally use kerte hai ma per sa kaha raha ho ke ya ak honest review hai traffic stars ad network ke pas bohat sa type ke ads hai

Native Ads
Video Pre-Roll
Video IM slider
Video X Pre-Roll
Classic push
In-Page Push
Full Page Interstitial
Targeted clicks

so ya ads formats hai traffic stars ad network ke pas jo ke best hai or etna ads ap na kesi other ad network ma nai dayke honga ab ase ke alwa be en ke pas ak type ke different section hai jis ka name hai  Master spot ase ma cube type ka be ak ad hai and such ma i loved this keyo ka yar ase ma 4 ads ap ak sat laga skte hai matlab zeyada impressions and zeyada earning jab impressions zeyada honga tu earning be hoge ase liya tu traffic stars ke pas 4 billions ad impressions hai daily

What are The CPM Of Traffic Stars Ad Network?

so ya main bat hai jo sab sona chate hai muja ase ad network sa jo CPM mila raha hai yane ke per 1k impressions jo earning horahe hai wo hai $0.38 ase sa zeyada CPM muja ase nai mila and kam jo CPM milta hai wo hai $0.18 leken yar ak or bat hai or wo ya hai ke en ke pas ads zeyada hai clicks ke earning alag hoe hai india ke liya muja per click $0.02 CPM milte hai jo ke okay hai and same Pakistan ke liya be acha yaha per ap ko yane traffic stars ad network ma ap CPM and CPM both milte hai best hai

How To Get Approval From Traffic Stars Ad Network?

approval layna bohat easy hai ap apply kerne ke bad 24 hours sa lay ker 48 hours ma approval layskte hai and blogger and WordPress both platforms ke sites approved hojate hai yane allowed hai apply kase kerna hai hus ke liya necha deya gaya link per jao add site p[er click karo and simple apna blog ya website ka link do name do and add karo per pending ma rahga 24 sa 48 hours ke liya

How To Get Approval From Traffic Stars Ad Network?

Minimum Payout and Withdraw Method In Traffic Stars Ad Network?

Ok so traffic stars ad network ma minimum payout $100 hai and payment method ap Mecha dayskte hai

  • Paxum in $
  • Cosmopay in $
  • ePayService in €
  • Capitalist in $ and €
  • European SEPA Transfer in €
  • International WIRE Transfer in $ and €
  • Crypto: BTC or USDT

and payment weekly and monthly hote hai Jo ke ase ad network ma ya be best hai.


Is Traffic Stars Ad Network Good For India and Pak Traffic?

ase answer hai yes dear mare traffic be India and Pak Bangladesh Nepal etc en asian countries sa hai or muja ase per CPM $0.18 sa lay ker $0.38 tak milta hai and CPC both Countries ke Liya Kam hai 😭😭 $0.01 sa $0.02 tak hai but per Huma eCPM acha milta hai so koye bat nai hai humara main target CPM hota hai


Keya Traffic Stars Ad Network Tek Hai Huma use kerna chayea?

Ase ka answer hai yes dear ap use kerskte hai 100% trusted hai ma na abi tak payment nai leya keyo ka ma na ase ko new blog per use keya ta jis blog per pahla traffic nai te Leken ab daily 500 tak visitors ate hai ase Liya Jo mare daily earning hai wo $3.80 sa $5 tak hai ab ma ase ma $100 complete ker Ke withdraw longa mad video apna channel per upload karo I mean payment proof


Jis jis Na Join nai ke yane use nai ke wo use kar jis na use ke hai or Kam CPM ya CPC mile hai TU apna review zaror da and ager ma na master spot ad use nai ke TU wo use karo Hus per CPM high milta hai and pop ad ke CPM TU hai $0.68 tak and raw ma $1.3 tab be hota hai try kare and apna vote zaror da thanks Mr Naveed Shah

If You Don’t Know That What Is Master Spot Ad and How To Use It I Got This Content From Traffic Stars ad Network Read This

Master Spot for Publishers

“Master spot” is a well-tested TrafficStars’ bidding feature, which helps all our publishers automate ad serving on the website and ensure higher revenues from each ad placement.

Via Master spot our platform does the instant auction across Native & Banner ad formats and monetizes each impression at the best price.

Why do you need to update codes to a Master on my site?

🚀 Boosted performance: Running on full-scale testing since January 2021, Master spot has shown an increase in revenues per placement on avg. 20%, driving a higher number of clicks and leads for our advertisers.

⚙️ Easier setup: It facilitates your ad serving, as now you have to maintain only 1 code, instead of collecting & maintaining several codes in rotation via 3rd party solutions.

💻 How does it work?

For example, you have an NTV placement, where you rotate 2 banners of 300×250 and a native ad spot, using a 3rd party solution.

It will distribute the traffic between codes based on statistics pulled via API, therefore, based on API information from outdated statistics.

With the Master spot, you can now set several banners & native ads under 1 code and let the TrafficStars platform do the bidding for each impression in real-time, ensuring the best revenue from each ad request.

💻 Spot creation process

1 – Go to Master Spot tab on your account.

Click on Create Master Spot button.

Master spot List tab

To make it easy, we have prepared templates for the most popular ad placements. You still can use them anywhere on the site, it’s just to simplify the setup 😉

2 -Select one of the suggested Placements, and then, select a Template:

Select Placement

You can still customize them as per your needs from platform or in CSS, including only single banner ad format, or combining multiple sizes, as long as they logically fit in the placement.

3 – Select Site and Ad spots

Here choose the website & get the list of all available spots you have which fit your choice. You can user different banner IDs or the same banner ID multiple times.


Desktop Footer variants

NTV variants

Footer A + Footer B + Footer C


Footer Cube x3 times



NTV Cube x2 times


4 – Save it, copy the Masterspot script, which you can place on the website.

Under the Master spots list you have a full list of Master Spots and access to their settings.

Why TrafficStars?

TrafficStars is a powerful, self-serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange.
4 billion impressions daily
Exclusive sources, premium worldwide traffic at your fingertips
Glasses icon
Expert support
Dedicated Account managers assigned to each account
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Exclusive traffic sources
Access to high-quality exclusive traffic sources
Satellite icon
State of the art ad-tech
Distributed bulletproof architecture, 5 datacenter, 50k impressions per second
Robot icon
Machine learning
Automatic optimization of your campaigns done by Artificial Neural Network algorithms
statistics icon
Real-time statistics
Detailed, real-time statistics provide you with insights to optimize campaigns

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