Feverishcoin Review – CPA Affiliate etwork



Feverishcoin is a class one standard based CPA affiliate networks to make best our affiliates because they earn more commission on their traffic.

You will discover that the “Feverishcoin” Affiliate Program is an excellent way to add value to your traffic, while earning more revenue. You can receive up to $7 per free member, $55 per sale, or Revenue share commissions with the affiliate program. You can unlock the earning power of your traffic source and start earning $ TODAY ! It’s simple, easy and FREE to register.

  • Email Marketing;
  • SMS Marketing;
  • Banner/Display Marketing;
  • Social Media Marketing.

Incentivised Traffic is not allowed. Paying people to register for programs, asking your friends to join for the sole intention of making money via PPL program, asking friends on Social Media sites to “please join this free program” for the sole purpose of earning commissions, knowing that they will never become paying members, is not allowed and this traffic will not be paid and account terminated.

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