Hostinger Affiliate Program : Make Monthly Minimum $1000 With Hostinger Affiliate Program


Hostinger Affiliate Program

You can sign up for the Hostinger affiliate program in less than a minute. The program is completely free to join. You just need to get verified and gain access to your affiliate dashboard.

Once you are approved, you can access the affiliate control panel and easily track and optimize your campaigns.

Hostinger offers banners for all kinds of sites so you will never be empty-handed. Marketing materials are available in one place, tailored to your style.

With the Hostinger affiliate program, every eligible sale made earns you at least 60% commissions. As you grow your performance, the commission size is also increased.

If the sale is for Hostinger Shared hosting (Single/Premium/Business), Cloud hosting (Startup, Professional, Global), VPS 1/2/3/4/5/6 plans, you will receive 60% (sixty percent) Commission. With Revenue Share offers the maximum Commission for one sale is $300. Any applicable taxes, fees, additional services (such as personal information protection), and domain prices are excluded.

For example, if a client bought Hostinger VPS 4 pack for a year and paid 521.99 USD (taxes included), you will be eligible for ($521.99 – $90.59 (VAT 21% (depends on the country)))*60% = $258.84). In total, you will receive a 258.84 USD Commission.

Commission Rates

60% or more per sale

Why Join Hostinger Affiliate Program?

  • High Conversion Rate – Hostinger brand & effective promo materials mean the traffic you send to Hostinger will convert.
  • Easy to Start and Maintain – Professionally designed banner packages, seasonal e-books, and more assets to increase conversions.
  • A Special Affiliate Program – Earn, grow, and expand with Hostinger’s Affiliate Program. Everything you need to start promoting is a click away.
  • Your Very Own Manager – You will be guided by a personal affiliate account manager. A marketing professional who will consult and answer questions, helping you towards success.

What is the Hostinger affiliate program? How does it work?

Hostinger affiliate program allows its affiliates to earn money by referring successful sign-ups such as web hosting sales. 

Here’s the overview of the Hostinger affiliate program;

  • Types of products: Web hosting related services
  • Commission type: Single payment (non-recurring)
  • Commission rate: 60%
  • Cookie length: 30 days
  • Primary Payment Method: PayPal 
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100

How does the Hostinger affiliate program work?

Here’s how the Hostinger affiliate program works.

Visit this page to join as a Hostinger affiliate for free. Once you’re on the page, enter your account details and fill out the form

Here’s what it looks like;

hostinger affiliate signup

Once you fill out the partner application form to finish the signup process, you will get a confirmation email from Hostinger. Once your affiliate account gets accepted, you’ll get an affiliate referral link you can use to promote Hostinger.

How Much We Made So Far from Hostinger [With Income Reports]

Let’s now talk about the most interesting stuff.

Here’s how much we earned from Hostinger in 2020;

hostinger earning report

As you can see above, we made around $1100 from the Hostinger affiliate program in 2020.

Quick note: We don’t aggressively promote Hostinger. We’re generating decent sales even though we’re moderately promoting it.

Here’s how much we earned from Hostinger in 2021;

hostinger new sales

As you can see above, we made $5124 from the Hostinger affiliate program in 2021.

We’re consistently increasing our commissions every single month (which is great!). So yes, if you’re someone who’s looking to promote an affordable web host that pays well, the Hostinger affiliate program is a great choice for you.

Hostinger Affiliate Commission Rate: How Much Are We Getting Paid Right Now?

So what’s the Hostinger affiliate commission rate? Currently, our Hostinger’s Commission Per Sale (CPS) is 60%. But the payout will increase to $65% CPS once we start generating 15-20 sales per month.

Can You Make $1000 Every Month from the Hostinger Affiliate Program? 3 Actionable Tips

Did you know that affiliate programs generate 15% to 30% of all sales for advertisers?

If done right, you can make SO MUCH money from affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing stats

Picking the right products is the key to affiliate marketing success. That said, Hostinger is a great web hosting affiliate program to promote as an affiliate as it offers lucrative commissions.

So can you make $1000 every month from the Hostinger affiliate program? Yes, you can. You can earn even more.

How can you do that? Here are THREE actionable tips for you.

1. Setup a Website on Hostinger

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need ONE thing: TRUST.

Why? People don’t buy from strangers online.

That’s why building trust is extremely important to increase your affiliate product sales. The same thing applies to the Hostinger affiliate program as well.

One of the most effective ways to build trust is to use the products that you’re going to recommend.

So make sure to purchase Hostinger web hosting first. Start a blog and install Hostinger on it. Check out all of their features. Find out their pros and cons.

Then, you’ll know how good their products are. That’s how you’ll be able to promote their products strategically.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to get started with Hostinger.

Click on this special link to sign up for Hostinger (you’ll get an extra 8% off with our link).

Once you click on the above link, you’ll be taken to their homepage and when you scroll down, you’ll find their web hosting pricing packages.

Here’s how it looks like;

2. Pick Low-Hanging Commercial Intent Keywords:

If you want to boost your Hostinger affiliate sales, you need SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of attracting search visitors to your website by using various techniques like on-page optimization, content creation, link building, etc.

We’re earning over $10,000 per month from affiliate marketing because we MOSTLY implement the evergreen SEO strategies.

Want more affiliate sales? Target the “commercial intent keywords”.

So what are commercial intent keywords and how to find them to boost your Hostinger’s affiliate sales?

Let’s talk about them briefly now.

Firstly, there are several types of keywords affiliate marketers use including;

  • Informational (example, “how to drive a car”)
  • Commercial (example, “best DSLR cameras”)
  • Navigational (example, “Amazon customer care”)
  • Transactional (example, “Buy iPhone 11 online”)

If you want more traffic, target “informational keywords”. If you want to generate sales, target “commercial keywords”.

Commercial intent keywords are search terms used by people who are ready to buy something online.

Here’s a simple illustration that shows you the difference between commercial and informational keywords.

commercial vs informative

That being said, target commercial intent keywords that have fewer monthly searches so you can easily rank for those keyword terms.

You can use tools like Semrush (we use the same tool for keyword research) to find low-competitive yet highly profitable keywords.

Also, try to include the following commercial intent keywords while creating content around the Hostinger affiliate program.

  • Offers
  • Discounts
  • Promo
  • Coupon
  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Alternatives
  • Top

If you want to learn more about keyword research, we highly recommend you to check out this ultimate guide.

3. Educate Your Audience:

Creating awareness about the products you promote is the REAL affiliate marketing mantra. Your audience needs to be aware of the products you promote (be it web hosting, or anything else).

The best way to educate your audience is to create informative content around the products you promote.

Here are some of the proven content types that work well in educating your audience (and also helps you with better conversion rates).

  • Honest product reviews (hostinger reviews, Hostinger VPS hosting reviews, etc)
  • How-to articles (for instance, how to install WordPress on Hostinger)
  • Start a blog (these kinds of posts work REALLY well, for instance, “how to start a blog on Hostinger”)

Make sure to remember the following things while creating content to increase your affiliate sales.

  • Be genuine while creating reviews. Try to include all the pros and cons along with the alternatives of the web host you promote.
  • Try to create detailed content. Include as many screenshots and visuals as possible to elaborate the content. Be descriptive.
  • Know the product inside out. Use it. Find out its features. Only then you’ll be able to educate well about those products to your audience.