Mindplays Affiliate Program Review | ADSWikia



Mindplays – The only fair platform for real money with real players! Now you can earn money by improving your skills in your favorite game. Mindplays is the first and only platform to interact honestly and play against real opponents online in real time. Our task is to collect and provide on the platform all games in which there is no random factor, and your victory is the result of your tactics and decisions made by you.

Take full advantage of the affiliate program – Get rewarded for promoting and helping to develop the platform. Available methods of lifetime rewards:

  • Invite a friend – Get commission for every game from your referral’s wins;
  • Write about us in the press – For every mention on the forums or in the press, we will generously reward;
  • Become an Ambassador – Lead a social network and get coins on a regular basis;
  • Develop a game – Get passive income from every game you play.

As a rule, the withdrawal of funds is carried out within 24 hours.

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