Monetize your site with Adhitz.com


It is a best google adsense alternative. On this ad network your site will be instantly approved. On this site you can also register blogspot domain. After adding your site on it you can easily create ads and implement on your site. It has both Text and Image ads.

Website Owners and Bloggers

Let AdHitz Monetize Your Website Traffic

AdHitz allows ordinary website owners and bloggers to turn their traffic into cash.

As a Publisher of AdHitz you simply have to add your website to our database. Then you create the ad zones, set the pricing and the type of ads allowed. Our system will then generate a piece of HTML code for you to place on your web pages. Once this code is placed, our Network Ads will immediately start to show on your pages.

We offer 13 different sizes for text ads and 4 different sizes for image ads to choose from. Click here to view samples.

Available Sizes Text Image

  • 728×90 – Leaderboard  
  • 468×60 – Banner  
  • 234×60 – Half Banner  
  • 120×600 – Skyscraper  
  • 160×600 – Wide Skyscraper  
  • 125×125 – Button  
  • 180×150 – Small Rectangle  
  • 200×200 – Small Square  
  • 250×250 – Square  
  • 120×240 – Vertical Rectangle  
  • 300×250 – Medium Rectangle  
  • 336×280 – Large Rectangle  
  • 240×400 – Fat Skyscraper 


Publishers have the possibility to earn from 2 streams of ads:

Site Specific Ads

With these ads the advertiser elects to advertise on your website only and not on the whole network of websites. With Site Specific advertising you set the ad rates, and keep 70% of that amount.

Network Ads

These are considered “filler” ads and add to your income when they are available. Advertisers will pay a flat rate between $0.06 and $0.18 per valid click, the Publisher gets 70% of that amount. The value of the click is determined by the country where the click originated as illustrated on the CPC Rates page.

Note: When you sell advertising (Site Specific Ads) on your website, the ads sold will override the Network Ads.

Once your account reaches the minimum payout balance that you select, your payment can be sent to either your PayPal or Payza account. Payments are sent once a month on or before the 10th of each month.


Available Payout methods

  • BitCoin (BTC)
  • LiteCoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Coinbase BitCoin (BTC)
  • Coinbase LiteCoin (LTC)
  • Coinbase Ethereum (ETH)
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • AirTm


Fee Changes

BitCoin (BTC) Fee Changed: $1.50 >> $3.00

LiteCoin (LTC) Fee Change from $1.25 >> $1.00


:: New Payout Method::

$ USD Coin (USDC) Added and the Fee set at $1.00

Coinbase $ USD Coin added and the Fee set at $0.00, Min $50


About (USDC)USDC is a Stable coin always worth one USA Dollar. When you have any USDC in your account you will earn APY: 0.15%. Rewards accrue daily and compound monthly. Rate subject to change.