New CPM Ad Networks For Publishers In 2022


Make More Revenue Form Your Website Using CPM Ad Networks

hi everyone if you want to monetize your blogger blog or WordPress website through cpm ad networks then read this article till end. now a ads getting approval from google AdSense is very  difficult so because of this everyone searching about AdSense alternative ad network. now in this article I’m sharing new cpm ad networks with you and i hope you will be find out best cpm ad network for your blog or website


What Is CPM Ad Network?

CPM mean Cost Per Impression and if you placed CPM ads on your website or blog then you will paid for per 1k impression there are a lots of top ad network like adsterra and a ads this both ad networks giving high CPM up to $400. one more thing some of top ad networks who claiming that we have a CPM ads but they are doing Scam.


Here are new CPM ad networks For You


  1. AdsTune


AdsTune Is a CPM Based Ad Network For Publishers AdsTune Have 3.4K Total Publishers and 7.9K Total Advertiser. As a publisher you can sell traffic directly to a large network of advertisers. You can easily create one or more adzones and start generating income. AdzTune Network provide a global solution and monetize traffic from every country with a 100% fill-rate. They offer highest CPM rates & monetize every impression. With win-win system, you will never lose!

Minimum Payment: $10


Payment Method: PayPal Bitcoin Webmoney and Bank Transfer

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Aexflow is a mobile advertising platform where user can earn revenue by publishing ads and also can advertise their products.

What is Aexflow?
Aexflow is a mobile advertising platform where user can earn revenue by publishing ads and also can advertise their products.
When Earning Update ?
On Aexflow, site owners can earn money, and active publishers earning updated automatically when they send traffic to any ads ex. Direct link, pop up. And daily earning updated time is – 5:14 am GMT. For any questions feel free to talk in live chat
How to earn from Aexflow?
It is very simple to start benefiting from Aexflow. The basic structure of how Aexflow works is:
– Account Signup
– Generate New Ad Units From Your dashboard for testing, main ad codes provide after a publisher contact team.
– You place Aexflow cpm or cpc or pop ads on your site using html adcode.
– Your visitors will come back to your site since they know your site. But users which we will send to your site will be new users for your site. This will help you grow traffic many times.
Minimum Payment: $6
Payment Method: PayPal Bitcoin Paytm Wire


IcyAds is an advertising platform for affiliates, agencies, media buyers, publishers and ad networks to reach their marketing goals.
Combining the best technology and years of experience of our team, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

We have huge supply of Push, Pop under, Popup, Zero-Click and iOS Calendar traffic.​ 10 Billion Worldwide Ad Requests Monthly from top Geos including US, UK, IN, DE, FR​.

Targeting :​

  • GEO Targeting;
  • Device Targeting;
  • OS Targeting;
  • ISP/Carrier Targeting;
  • Browser Targeting;
  • IP Targeting;
  • Website Targeting;
  • Language Targeting;
  • Time Targeting;
  • Demographic Targeting.

Advertiser Benefits :​

  • 10 Billion Worldwide Ad Requests Monthly;
  • Unique advertising channels;
  • Detailed reports of every campaign;
  • Set your own Capping;
  • Dedicated support channels.

​Minimum Payment: $50


Payment Method: PayPal Credit Card Wire Cryptocurrencies


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DTXplatform is an Ad Network with more than five years of experience behind it. Completely focused on the pop marketing industry. We can offer a wide range of services and solutions for webmasters direct link popunder video ad banner. DTXplatform has at its disposal the last in-house technology in regards of tracking and ad formats for any kind of website, absolute control over the ads we show on your website and detailed reports are a guarantee of the best rates in the industry.

Nevertheless most of the functions are automatic, we are still here for you! We work with the RevenueShare model – we earn money only if you earn money, therefore our dedicated and live support is there for you anytime. That our payments Method makes us want to be the #1 ad network for you.

Minimum Payment: $50


Payment Method: PayPal WebMoney Payoneer Bitcoin Wire

Payment Frequency: Daily, Weekly

Get Paid Weekly
via: PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Capitalist, Tether (USDT)

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Get the most out of your website and earn some extra cash with AdTol. Add value to your website with the most user-friendly ad formats available including Pop Ads, Text Ads and Banner Ads.

Get the best out of your website and earn the money you deserve for each hour you spend in growing your site. Take your earnings to next level and add value to website with the most user-friendly ad formats available on the web. We provide most comprehensive and reliable ad solutions on the web. Select the ad format of your choice and we make sure that it will match the content as well as design of your site. With our advanced and sophisticated algorithm, your users will see highly targeted ads that ensures real user engagement and high CTR resulting in extra set of revenue for you. AdTol Provides state-of-the-art data driven advertising solution that genrates higher CTR and conversion rates, combine that with contextual, geo, behavioural, and preferencial targeting, we can take your advertising game to next level and reward you with high amount CPC, PPC, and eCPM rates. Our compelling ad formats and targeted ad campaigns integrated with auto optimization and real-time bidding are proven to grab users attention, we only show highest bidding ads on your site to keep your ad performance at peak level.

Minimum Payment: $100


Payment Method: PayPal Wire

Payment Frequency: Daily


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