OWNR Wallet Partner Program Review


OWNR Wallet Partner Program

OWNR WALLET is a crypto-ecosystem. It includes:

  • Cross-platform wallet app;
  • Visa prepaid cards;
  • Card payment gateway;
  • Exchange service with API integration.

OWNR Wallet has created its own affiliate and referral program with an exclusive crypto offer and a high lifetime % of deductions to partners.

It has a lot of advantages:

  • Lifetime passive income;
  • Wide GEO (more than 200 countries);
  • 100% transparency;
  • High quality products;
  • Interesting acquaintances.

Affiliate Program – OWNR Wallet Affiliate Program is for owners of websites with traffic, marketing specialists and publishers, bloggers or opinion leaders. It’s a great chance to monetize your resources. OWNR Wallet affiliate partners earn 38% of the company’s net profit generated by the actions of invited users in the 1st year of partnership. And from the 2nd year, the partners’ income becomes lifelong and equals 25% from each transaction:

  • Buying cryptocurrencies with a bank card;
  • Ordering a Visa prepaid plastic and virtual cards;
  • Crypto-crypto exchange;
  • ATM withdrawal and card replenishment with cryptocurrency.

Referral program – Each partner can join the referral program to engaging affiliates with a passive income of 5% of their earnings. And it’s also lifelong! You just need to get a unique referral link in your account, attract referrals using it and earn a percentage of their income your whole life. To start earning, you only need:

  • 1. Sign in the affiliate program as a partner;
  • 2. Request access to the offer in the “Offers” section in your account, or by requesting it from your personal manager;
  • 3. Select ready-made advertising creatives and place them on your resource;
  • 4. Generate a referral link (if you need) to start engaging affiliates with a passive income of 5% (details below);
  • 5. Use both partnership formats and receive lifetime passive income together with OWNR Wallet Affiliate.

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