Top 5 Google Adx Partner Ad Networks | Monetize Your Website Without Google AdSense


Top 5 Google Adx Partner Ad Networks | Monetize Your Website Without Google AdSense

Hi Everyone I hope You Will Be Happy. If You Have a Blogger Blog Or WordPress Website and Want To Monetize It With Google AdSense But You Don’t Getting Approval From Google AdSense. Then You In The Right Place My Dear Friend 😊

Now a Days Getting Approval From Google AdSense Is Very Difficult But There Are a Lots Of Tricks For AdSense Approval. Google AdSense Sayed That For Approval No Minimum Traffic Require But This Is Not Ture Im Totally Disagree With This. If You Want Approval From Google AdSense Then You Must Have This 4 Thing.

1. Traffic
2. Unique Content But If You are Adding 50% to 60% Copy Paste Content Then Okay Becuse You Have Traffic
3. User Friendly Website Or Blog
4. at least 5 To 10 Pages Must Have To Index On Google Search Engine

From Last 4 Years I Approved Total 87 Websites From Google AdSense . I m Using Only One Thing and That’s Is Traffic.

are You Understand Hindi/Urdu If Yes Then Watch This Video That How I got Google AdSense Approval and I Posted Only 4 articles On That Website


Now If You Still Not Getting Approval From Google AdSense Then How To Show Google AdSense Ads Without Google AdSense Approval. Yes This Is Possible. You Can Show Google Adx Ads Using Third Party Ad Networks.Third Party Ad Networks Getting Approval From Google Adx and Then Giving That Ads To You.This is Very Simple Prosess.

What Is Third Party Ad Network?

A 3rd-party ad server is an ad server used by the demand side of ad serving or advertisers. The “3rd-party” in the name means that an owner of this server doesn’t have direct access to the ad serving process, and only provides creatives.

What Is Google Adx?

The origin of AdX (Google Ad Exchange) lies in DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a company founded in 1996 as an ad server. It was acquired by Google in 2008. The purchase was controversial at the time because there were concerns that Google would have too much control over online advertising.

Through Google AdX, publishers can sell their ad inventory to advertisers and agencies using real-time bidding technology. By establishing an open marketplace where prices are set in a real-time auction, the Ad Exchange enables display ads and ad space to be allocated much more efficiently and easily across the web.

Sellers can make the most money for their ad space and get access to more advertisers, while still being able to control who can advertise on their site. Buyers get access to more websites and ad space and have more control over where their ads run.

Now I’m Sharing Top Google Adx Partner Ads Networks With You So You Can Apply For That and Some Of Them Have No Any Requirements So Your Website Will Be Approved Fast.

Top 5 Google Adx Partner Ad Networks


AdinPlay is a technology company providing publishers with ad monetization services. Our mission is to unlock maximum ad revenue potential of each website we are working with. AdinPlay is a specialist in video, rewarded video, standard and native banner ads and in-game ad monetization. AdinPlay provides its partners with easy to integrate optimized ad solutions and offers extensive consultancy on the ad implementation. Working with header bidding, open bidding, leveraging programmatic sales and yield management in a data driven holistic approach, AdinPlay assures that its partners get the best from their ad space.

Maximize the ad revenues from your websites, apps and online games. AdinPlay is a specialist in video, rewarded video, standard and native banner ad formats.

Cutting Edge Ad Tech
We always stay on top of the game with our ad tech, utilizing the newest tools and trends in ad monetization to bring the best value to our partners.

Header Bidding
Our ad stack consists of dozens of ad sources bidding on the traffic via server and client side header bidding to maximize the value of each ad impression.

Fast Payments
We know that fast and reliable payments are bedrock of good partnership and that is why we offer one of the fastest payments in the industry.


adinplay ad network ads type

adinplay ad network ad types


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Clickio provides Publishers with the most innovative advertising and technological solutions in the market. Whether it is Ad Revenue Optimization, Site Layout A/B Testing, Site Performance & PWA Conversion or GDPR / CCPA Compliance, Clickio will get any Publisher covered. At Clickio, we put relationships with our Publishers before anything else. Visit us for a chat at our offices in the UK, Russia and Italy.


Clickio makes it easy to access the best bids from multiple premium demand partners – and manage all your advertising from one platform.
Our advanced algorithms adjust ad placements dynamically, using machine learning to maximize your revenue, site performance and user experience.

Real-time reporting


Our advanced analytics platform brings together data from dozens of demand partners, as well as Google Analytics – making it easy to keep track of your ad revenue and key site performance indicators in real-time.


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3. Mediavine

Mediavine is the largest exclusive ad management company in the U.S., a ComScore top five lifestyle property with 130 million unique monthly visitors and 13 billion monthly ad impressions, representing over 7,500 independent publishers. But those are just the numbers.

Mediavine is a group of passionate content creators committed to building the best digital ad experience for a rapidly-changing web. We help our publishers build sustainable businesses from the ground up, for the present and the future.

Beyond monetizing publishers’ content with the fastest-loading, highest-quality programmatic advertising stack in the industry, Mediavine aims to improve all aspects of their businesses. From cutting-edge WordPress plugins and a framework engineered with pagespeed and monetization at the forefront, to Grow.me, our audience engagement and first-party data solution, engineering solutions for publishers is what we do.

The Mediavine Publisher Support team provides unparalleled service seven days a week, 365 days a year, and a vast array of free educational resources – like showcasing industry experts on Facebook Lives, informational videos on our YouTube channel, and expert SEO advice and more on our blog – are readily available and easily accessible.

To Join Mediavine, Your Site Must Have:

  • 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days (per Google Analytics)
  • Good standing with Google AdSense
  • Original content in ANY niche as a lifestyle publisher
  • Long-form, engaging content


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4. Total Media

Total Media helps publishers publish.
We know publishers – we’ve been working with them for 16 years – it’s our raison d’être. We understand their business and we want to help. We know the latest industry news, policies, and best practices, but more than that, we know that user experience is everything. A better user experience means better business.

We can help with all aspects of your value creation. We’re here as a partner to help you achieve all your business goals. Your success is our success. We develop and offer products and services that continuously create value for you, our partners.

Publisher Revenue Management
We sustainably increase the amount of money you can make from your site. Using the latest tech and programmatic media, we optimize ads on your websites to make sure you are making the most from your inventory. Our deployment tech, sTag, ensures that implementation is painless and that publishers working with Total Media are built for the future. And as only one of nine Google certified resellers worldwide, we can offer you a complete solution, meeting all your revenue needs as your business grows.

Value-Added User Experience
We’re all about creating value for your business. For us, that’s more than just making money from your website. We’re here as partners and experts to help you with all aspects of your business – we know that bringing customers to your site is only the first step. Keeping them there and keeping them coming back is key. That’s why we offer solutions for everything from core web vitals to trust and safety, site speed to GDPR consent, and much more.

Helping Publishers Publish
It’s what we do. We know publishers – we’ve been working with them for 16 years, providing Publisher Revenue Management and Value-Added User Experience.


More access to advertisers, no matter how they’re buying
Connect with all advertising partners, direct and programmatic in one place.
Give advertisers the flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways through different deal types.
Manage all the ways you work with advertisers on a single platform.

total media are Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP) qualified to resell Google Ad Manager. We can help your business thrive. Google selected us for this exclusive program based on our proven expertise with GAM360, in addition to our experience working with publishers of all sizes across the world.


Google Ad Manager 360?

Google Ad Manager 360 (GAM360), which is available to publishers with higher traffic volumes, is the paid version of Google Ad Manager (GAM). In addition to all of the GAM features, GAM360 gives premium publishers access to advanced reports, extra integrations such as Data Studio and DMP Integration, open bidding, special ad units and advanced video options, creative wrappers, CPA and vCPM based campaigns, and more. Publishers can also manage direct Private Market Place (PMP) and Programmatic Guaranteed (PC) deals within GAM360.


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Our primary focus is to help publishers get the most out of their content by delivering suitable solutions based on the newest technologies. We designed our products to monetize on website, video, mobile app platforms, and help recover lost and unsold ad impressions. We aim our actions at machine learning-based layout optimization to capture the most value while maintaining a positive user experience.

Website Monetization

There are multiple ways to monetize your website, which is turning users’ visits into income. One of them is the sale of advertising space in the programmatic model. It is perfect both as an independent monetization method as well as supplementation to other strategies.

Implementation of the optAd360 AI Engine technology allows you to optimize your ad inventory effectively. You also gain comprehensive support for your activities, including direct campaign management and access to current online reports. We work with proven advertising suppliers worldwide, so you can be sure that your website’s ad space will be managed professionally.

Use the unique technology and high advertising demand (multiple SSPs and DSPs available) always to achieve the highest RPM rates. Cooperation with us guarantees payments within 30 days and various payment methods.


Ad Types

  • Sticky Ad
  • Parallax Ad
  • Interstitial Ad
  • In-text Video Ad
  • In-feed Native Ad
  • Floating Ad
  • Sticky In-text Video Ad

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So This All a Top Google Adx Partner Ad Networks I Hope You Will Be Chose The Best One For Your Website.


My Recommended Google Adx and 50+ More Ad Network Partner Ad Network are H12 Media So If You Want To Use It Then Watch My Review Video. H12 Media ad Network Have No Any Traffic Requirements Minimum Payout Is $50 This Is My 100% Recommended Ad Network.

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