Traffic Nomads Review – CPC Network



Traffic Nomads – With +10 years in the Affiliate Marketing industry our mission is to provide Advertising with the advertisers the BEST technology for traffic monetization & ROI boosting.

Join Traffic Nomads as a Publisher! Send us your traffic and access worldwide demand from our extensive network of advertisers, with competitive CPC or CPM rates. We cover all verticals, from the more mainstream to every niche across all devices.

Select the most fitting Ad Format to your website to provide the best experience to your users. We’ll do the rest.

  • POP – One of the oldest online Ad Formats, Popunders are a perfect way to improve the generated Revenue for any Publisher;
  • NATIVE – Ads that will blend in your website, creating high engagement, and not affecting the website content;
  • INPAGE PUSH – Very popular online ad format, appears floating on the top-left size of the user screen, not affecting the user’s experience. Highly engaging due to its alert style;
  • BANNER – The most popular online ad format. Multiple sizes available (300×250 and 300×100).

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