Which Ads Network Has Highest CPM? in 2022


Which ad network has highest CPM?

Hello Guys Welcome To Trustedadnetworks.com That Is True That Everyone Want High CPM Ad Network For Her Website But The Question Is That Do You Have Quality Traffic? Don’t Search For High CPM ad Network If You Don’t Have High Quality Traffic But If You Organic Traffic and You Still Getting Low CPM Then Read This Article I Will You About High CPM ad Network

Every Publishers Question: which ad network has highest CPM?

Answer: Dear Friends As I Already Sayed That Every Publisher Want High CPM ad Network For Her Website There are Lots Of ad network and Everyone Claiming That They Will Give You High CPM and High CPC But That Is Not True Guys

Advertisers Giving High CPM But ad Networks Not Providing Us High CPM. Now Which One Is The Best and High CPM ad Network So If You Have Traffic From Premium Countries Like USA etc. Then The Best and No 1 High CPM ad Network Is Adsterra.com You Will Get $600+ CPM In Adsterra ad Network But If You Don’t Have Traffic From Premium Countries Then I Will Not Suggest Adsterra.

Because Adsterra Giving Very Low CPM For Asian Countries. The Best Option Is That Use Google AdSense and Media.net But If You Not Getting Approval From Those ad Network Then Use Conversant Media ad Networks If You Have 3000 Monthly Views Then You Will Be easily Get Approved From Conversant Media.

Conversant Media High CPM

Which ad network has highest CPM?
image from Conversant Media

Conversant Media is an ad platform for publishers that serves over 5 thousand ad campaigns monthly, and that’s why it is perfect for media owners who function across different business verticals. The system is transparent and intuitive due to the clear campaign reporting options focused on revenue stats and performance review generation.

The peculiarity of this ad network is that it specializes in mobile device advertising, as well it is characterized by cross-delivery. In addition to this, publishers can benefit from standard desktop formats, display ads, rich media, video, native, etc.

Minimum Payout: $25

Withdraw Method: check and PayPal etc.


Header Bidding

Header Bidding is an integration on the publisher’s page that exposes each impression to programmatic demand before calling the publisher’s ad server. By letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, publishers increase their yield and make more money. Ultimately, this replaces the traditional “waterfall” approach.

Advantages to Publisher

Increase revenue as impressions are not wasted in a waterfall pass back method
Better yield management due to receiving the highest rate for your inventory
The publisher has full control over their inventory and how it is being monetized
No longer a need for a pass back/default tags with the pre-bid method of Header Bidding

Direct Tag

Direct tags can easily be added into your current ad server stack. Increase demand and monetize more of your display, mobile, and video inventory. These JavaScript tags can be placed directly within a site’s HTML or served from an ad management solution such as DFP. Publishers also have the ability (and are highly recommended) to implement a redirect or default tag of their choice that will be called when Epsilon does not have an ad for a particular ad impression opportunity.

Requirements 3000 Monthly Views

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